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Tangerine Telecom team is made up of NBN veterans and people who are passionate about squeezing every last drop of value out of their service to deliver the very best unlimited NBN deals on the market. In case you haven't noticed their cheeky mascot peely loves a good pun.

They get their kicks out of pushing the boundaries of what's expected of NBN providers and challenging their competitors on price, value, and promotions whilst upholding the high standards of customer service that their team is known for. Their customers love their honeymoon deals, no-contract plans, and their 14 day NBN trial.


Can you get a static IP address with your NBN connection?

Yes, you do! A static (fixed) IP address is included in all Tangerine NBN plans. If you wish to access a computer or other connected equipment from outside your property it will be very useful to you. This may include CCTV cameras, or a home media center or NAS drive.

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Home Phone Voicemail Setup:

If you have a home phone service with them, you can use the following star codes to activate and de-active the service. You just have to dial these simple dials from your telephone handset which is connected to the modem.


ü  *45 -  It can help you to call all forward which is always to voicemail activation

ü  #45 – By dialing this you can call forward always to voicemail de-activation

ü  *40 - Call forward which is busy to voicemail activation

ü  #40 - Call forward which will be busy to voicemail de-activation

ü  *41 - Call forward if no answer to voicemail activation

ü  #40 - Call forward if there is no answer to voicemail de-activation

ü  *86 - Voicemail Retrieval

ü  *62 –Access to the voicemail portal


How can you update me about the progress of your order?

They will keep you up to date regularly on the progress of your order via email or messages. It is crucial that you look out for these as they will include vital confirmation on your activation appointment. This may or may not require you to be in attendance and missing an appointment will cause delays with your order.


You can Change Plan After you Get Connected

You are also able to change your plan after you get connected. You can change your NBN plan connection speed at any time, you can up or down it.

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Tangerine Telecom Opening Hours:

Got questions on your order or bills? Their Customer Service team is happy to help. You may contact them during these hours:


Monday - Friday

ü  8.30am-7pm AET


ü  9am-6pm AET


In case that their Customer the service team is closed and you have questions on your bill, you may also send in your billing inquiries from their Self Care portal, a guide can be found. But in any case, it is our Technical team that you need to get in touch with, they are open during these times:


Monday - Friday

ü  8am-10pm AET

Saturday - Sunday

Ø  8am-8pm AET


How long will the NBN 50 Promo run for?

They are able to offer very competitive pricing on the nbn50 plan due to recent wholesale discounts offered by NBNTM to the telecommunications industry. NBNTMhave assured the industry that these discounts will be. As such they do not envisage the promotional plan changing any time soon.

If at any stage NBNTM make changes to their wholesale pricing that means that their promotional pricing needs to change, they will inform customers at least 30 days prior. They will also give anyone wishing to cancel or change plan the ability to do so at no charge.


Ø  Awesome speed, it’s very fast internet and hasn’t had any dropouts so far. Great plan and price. Have had good customer service.

Ø  I have been using Tangerine for the past months and the speeds have been really good.

Ø  No issues I think it uses the focus (dodo) but at a better price and much a better service

Ø  So I glad I choose Tangerine. Setup was a breeze and very quick (modem came within one or two days)

Ø  It was easy to set up and move to Tangerine after I faced the internet outage by another provider, Epic NBN.

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