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Onebed is so far the best thing we have found out.


Onebed Coupons


They provide you mattress made of top-notch quality material that helps you have a restful sleep just after reaching home tired.

If you really wanted to change your mattress for having a cool, comfy solution to get better sleep, you must check out the mattresses of Onebed.

We can say they have found out a perfect and 100% effective sleep solution for your fatigued body.

These Onebed mattresses, once you buy and get used to them will be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.

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Things You Should Know About Onebed Mattress

Customers who are interested to buy from Onebed should be aware of the following things in order to make the most of their purchase.


125 Nights Trial

So here comes the most interesting fact to know about shopping for Onebed Mattress.

You can use it for a trial period of 125 nights and if not satisfied with the results them go for a refund.

However, this trial policy has specific criteria to be eligible to use it.

  • More than 30 days must have been passed since you bought the mattress. Before the completion of this 30 days period, you can’t ask for a full refund.
  • The condition of the mattress should be acceptable to donate to a charity. If it is stained, torn off, or damaged by any means then you will not be entertained to apply for a refund.
  • You must have to contact the team of Onebed for a refund policy before the 125 days end of your purchase.
  • Are you thinking about what they do with those returned mattresses? Onebed donated these mattresses to any charity of their choice.


  • Warranty

The mattress you buy from Onebed has a minimum warranty of 10 to 15 years.

This sufficient warranty period also makes Onebed an ultimate choice to buy mattresses and pillows.


  • Free Delivery

Another good news for the buyers of Onebed Mattress is that they deliver your mattress box free of charge.

Yes, it’s a free delivery offer you can avail any time you order your mattress and pillow set from Onebed.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have got answers to a few of your most frequently asked questions.


+ Can these mattresses be used for children?

Onebed claims that their mattress is perfect for both children and adults.

It supports and cushions their body in different sleep patterns and helps them take the right amount of sleep with comfort.


+ What these Onebed pillows are made of?

The pillows offered by Onebed along with the mattress are amazing because of their height adjustable feature.

They come in full size but you may adjust them according to your need.

How? They are stuffed with foam pieces that you can take out to reduce the size how much you want.

You can also store these pieces in a storage bag provided with them.


+ Are the pillow covers washable?

It’s a pretty good thing that these covers are not only appealing but washable so you can clean and make them look as new as when you get them.

They also provide you with a pillowcase for extra protection of your pillows.


What People Are Saying About Onebed?


Onebed Pillow


Everyone who bought from Onebed has just loved the way they are designed, pretty, comfortable, and affordable.

When you lay down in your Onebed mattress after getting through an extremely exhausting day, it cushions your stiff back and enables you to get comfortable with the stuff.

Until and unless you are not comfy in your bed, you can’t enjoy a deep nap.

A chef, an athlete, a busy mum, a couple with their toddler, almost everyone has liked it since they purchased and go through a personal experience.

People are praising it because of its amazing features and quality material that actually make it worth spending.

Also, they have got you covered for all the basic items including sheets, quilts, pillows and covers, frames, etc.


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Onebed Mattress

It’s the most important thing to wake up active and fresh so you will be able to perform all your routine chores without being sleepy or less energetic. Onebed is, therefore, a popular site to buy such kinds of mattresses that help you sleep well.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with the performance, as mentioned earlier you may ask for a full refund and they will happily do it.


Contact Details

For any queries or guidelines, you may ask Onebed’s team directly by using the following means of communication.

Phone: +610731848144

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat: Mon to Fri, 8 am to 5 pm


Stay Connected for Updates

You can get in touch with Onebed through social media to discover and find the latest designs of mattresses on their website.

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