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Copy, spread or dispersion of any type of data, present on the website without informing the CouponsExperts for the use of any personal profit is prohibited. To get acquaint or any other informational usage, the customer is permitted to download or save our webpages. Reprint and upload of our Webpage without consent are restricted otherwise legal judgments will be involved.

Couponsexperts.com do not allow any of the costumer to create content without an exclusive permit and also not to disseminate, publish or distribute any of the data regarding products or website that possess copyrights.

Without the consent of Coupons Experts, publication and distribution will lead to legal proceedings against the violator.

Use of Copyright Data:

Usage of any content including submission and reposting of data for personal promotions and profits is strictly restricted by couponsexperts.com.

Violation of Intellectual Property Rights:

If a customer intends to detour the violation law and claim to republish the copyrighted material for personal benefits then Couponsexperts.com will not be accountable for this action as it’s a matter between the company and the customer and the company can seek legal judgments in such case. Any customer involves in detouring the law will be barred subsequently from visiting the website and availing its services.

Trademark policy:

Couponsexperts.com is the official trademark of the website and it is associated with all the affiliated companies and products. Couponsexperts.com owns all the trademarks belong to its portal except those which are in process of obtaining a license from the trademark owner.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Couponsexperts.com, its affiliates, any other associated person or company, or third party do not assure any type of uninterrupted website use, it’s benefits, content accuracy and dependability of services provided by the main site or its associates.

The website will not be responsible if any unpleasant matter occurs between the company and the customer. The website will only play the role of connecting customers and companies, other than this any of the agreements or arguments between both parties will not be the concern of the website. In case of any fraud or deception website will not be liable for any damage but the company involves in this fraud will be removed from the site. The website will not authenticate any claim from the company or the costumers as it only acting as a link between them.


The website will not be involved in any act of reimbursement and cannot withhold any Claim regarding any product or service of any company. The website and its employees will not be accountable for any regard being a middle agent.

User Privacy:

The website assures you to remove any product or service deceiving the customer.

Couponsexperts.com will not monitor the comment section so costumers are advised to give and take respect. Ratings of regarding products and services assumed to be realistic.

Third-party Content:

Couponsexperts.com does not allow anyone to edit website content. All the comments and advice in the comment section are a personal opinion only belongs to the customer.

Terms of Sale

For claiming discounts only vouchers are viable and they can’t be used with other vouchers. Companies associated with websites are solely responsible for the discount and promotions, without any influence of the website.

Discount voucher available at Couponsexperts.com and its affiliates can be purchase from the respective company through the website and can be redeemed for exchange of goods and services.

Discount and promotion offers of different companies are updated daily by Couponsexperts.com to increase the convenience and retention of customers. Costumers and companies both should follow the rules and regulations of the website. Only the company or service offering discounts and promotions can allow the viability of the vouchers. A voucher may not be applied to shipping or handling charges. One voucher can be used for a single product unless the merchant allows specification.

  • CouponsExperts will not be responsible for any lost voucher.
  • CouponsExperts will not provide a new voucher in the case of Theft.
  • Expired vouchers can not be renewed.
  • The use and availability of vouchers will depend on these terms and conditions.
  • In case of any liabilities and damages suffered by the customer, the only merchant will be responsible

Website Couponsexperts.com will take down any promotions and deals that are involved in fraudulent and obsolete. We also restrict the promotions and deals of theft of intellectual property and products for personal gain.