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Play the Game with more Fun Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror's Blade is a massively multiplayer online real-time tactics game that is not a paid game and may be played for free. It is developed by Chinese studio booming games, issued by in Russia and in Europe and North America, and issued by Booming Games in South America, MENA, Asia, and Pacific. Millions of battlers from around the world are fighting. Join Conqueror's Blade now and experience realistic ancient battles with millions of fighters on the battlefield and become a fighter and fight for honor.

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Getting to Know About Conqueror's Blade Best Classes:

Ø  Shield and Longsword. Common Skills:

Ø  Poleaxe. Common Skills:

Ø  Nodachi Common Skills:

Ø  Shield and Shortsword. Common Skills:

Ø  Musket. Common Skills: Support the Reapers.

Unlock new units by completing Seasonal Challenges:

Ø  Up until now, new units introduced to Conqueror's Blade were unlocked much as they have been since early beta; by spending Honor Points.

Ø  You will be seen seven separate tasks per phase, with various stages to complete depending on the unit tier.

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+How many GB is required to run Conqueror’s Blade?

Conqueror's Blade system states demand that you have to need at least 6 GB of RAM. If possible, make sure you have 16 GB of RAM to run Conqueror's Blade to its full potential. Conqueror's Blade will run on a PC system with Windows 7/10 - 64bit only and upwards.

+ Where can you play Conqueror's blade?

Which platforms is Conqueror's Blade available on? Conqueror's Blade is available on PC. It's available to download for free from mine. GAMES Store and Steam

+ How do you add people to Conqueror's blade?

The process is very simple. There will be a specific area on your account page from where you can create a link, from where you can share with a friend through email or post to your social media channel of choice

+How do you increase leadership Conqueror's blade?

The amount of forces that a warlord may deploy in a battle is determined by leadership and fight and, just as crucially, on the campaign map. Every gamer can start the game with 100 points of leadership, which can be increased through leveling and with the right equipment, up to a maximum of around 800 (level 60)

+ What is Silver?

Silver is an in-game currency that can be earned via unlocking Secret Vaults, selling resources, and opening boxes from Weekly Quests. Silver Coins can be utilized to sell and buy goods such as Unit equipment, mounts, resources, materials, siege engines, and some consumables. NPCs ask for Silver when selling artillery, crafting artillery or equipment for their troops, and when refining resources.

+ How do you sell silver in Conqueror's blade?

To sell your Conqueror's Blade silver coins for a quick infusion of cash, just follow these steps:

Ø  Register as a seller at Player Auctions.

Ø  Propose the silver you intend to sell.

Ø  Once a purchaser selects your offer, then you can contact them through email or their onsite messenger to work out the details of the sale.

+ What is Bronze?

Bronze can be obtained as a prize from matchmaking battles and special events. Bronze is the fundamental point in-game currency and can be utilized for almost every transaction, such as buying and replenishing your units and their equipment.

Conqueror Blade’s Seasons:

Conqueror Seasons have limited-time events where you may complete tasks to earn exclusive content like cosmetics, new units, and even weapon classes from the Battle Pass. Every season is made with a specific theme and steeped in lore which influences the aesthetic, content, and rewards. Fight, rise through the ranks, and break the lock to exclusive content every season.

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Unlock units during Seasons:

Some Seasons feature Unit Promotions and new Units are used to unlock and recruit. Seasonal Units are initiates and earnable continuously the Season, and sometimes correspond with the theme of the season in which they are released. They can't be bought with Honour, However, they will still be available to earn once the Season is ended. To access Seasonal Units, open the Seasons interface (press 'F5'), select the 'Unit Challenges' tab, and select one of the available units. Complete the required number of specified challenges to unlock the unit.


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