Privacy Policy

Effective from Date (2019-01-14)

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how Coupon Experts along with any other companies (“Company”) that are associated with it collectively gather, use and share your personal information. The very privacy policy is applicable to this website, (the “Site”). This privacy policy also extends its effect on third party websites that publicly make use of it.


We gather information about you in a number of ways.

The information which you provide us. We gather data which includes your‎ name, postal address, email address, phone number along with username & password along with any other information which you directly submit on our website.

Information Collected Automatically. We may automatically log information about you as you use our services. This is when you surf the website, use coupons, the amount of time spent on a page and other information about your use of and actions on our website.

Cookies. Cookies are bite-sized data files that are stored on your hard drive by a website. We may make use of them as per Section 4. We utilize both session cookies and persistent cookies in order to ensure you a more personal and interactive experience. Such information helps us to make our website more useful to you & deliver the experience to meet your special interests and needs.



  • To Maintain Contact Information We use your personal information objectively to operate, maintain and refine the user experience through our sites, products, and services.
  • To Maintain Location Information We use your information in order to discern where you are located geographically.
  • To Maintain Transaction Information We use your personal information to know how you interact with various services on the website such as redeeming or using a discount or any other financial information that helps us to ensure a seamless transactional experience.



  • We may share any personal information solely after obtaining your consent. For instance, after gaining your consent we may reasonably assume that you let us share personal information with others for their own marketing purposes. Those who do will be subject to their own privacy policies.
  • We may also share data in an anonymous manner with others for their own perusal.


If you choose to opt out of our services, we may still send you emails pertaining to your accounts & other information related to our services or business deals with you.

You can enter your personal information in our Contact Us section below. You can also request to add amendments to any contact choices, opt out of our sharing with others and update your personal information.

If you wish to remove and reject cookies from our website, you can do so by selecting your browser settings. By default settings, many browsers automatically accept cookies until you add changes to your settings. If you remove or reject our cookies, it could affect how the website’s overall user experience for you.


You can contact us on a 24/7 basis via our e-mail address given on the website.



This Privacy Policy is subject to any changes which would be cited above under the Last Updated section.